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First registered in 1982, Pennant House shattered traditional flag making in Western Australia. In the past, history proves that flag makers came from associated sewing backgrounds. 

Typical situations were the local awning and tarp maker added appliqué flag sewing to their portfolio.

Australian FlagBut Pennant House came from another direction. The principal was skilled in Graphic Art and Screen Printing and chased modern flag making methods around the world. Nobody at Pennant House discounted the importance of sewing and appliqué but new textile dye printing technology was passing these old, laborious methods by.

Never stand still, is the policy at Pennant House. The latest computer graphics and technology are used as a tool to the highly skilled Vexillologist's kit. This along with digital printing facilities keep broadening the range of products Pennant House offers.


Pennant House is no stranger to awards of excellence having been presented with five Screen Printing Awards in the form of Gold Plates each an annual presentation for excellence in Textile Printing which are proudly displayed in our showrooms.  Also adorning the showroom walls is a thankyou plaque from Cameron Mackintosh for the huge flags and banners Pennant House made for The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables. The Fortescue Metals Group have also awarded Pennant House a thankyou plaque for banner work for the Australian Men’s Hockey Team which the company sponsors.

Since she was launched  in Fremantle, Pennant House have been the Vexillologists to the Duyfken. We played a key role in researching, designing and manufacturing historic flags for the little Dutch replica-ship that has since sailed the world. Of course the Duyfken ( Little Dove ) was hand crafted in Fremantle by an army of talented craftsmen and all the work was stunningly accurate as were the flags.  

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