Strong vinyl-banners are what Pennant House people call "convenient-signage". Our staff also see them as free advertising. Imagine a builder, handyman, sub-contractor etc. working on a building. It costs nothing to unroll your own "Swift Vinyl Banner" and display it on the job for the passing parade to view, that's free publicity. These in-expensive banners have many uses, from club sponsorship acknowlegement where they are hung at each event then rolled and stashed away. These too are digitally printed and are weatherproof and washable. Pennant House usually finish them by vinyl-welding with 6ml ropes and add eyelets for alternative hanging. Artwork can be yours or ours. 

Vinyl Banner

Lectern Banners are our speciality. They are usually backed with a woven polyester and made to last. Size depends on your lectern, but it is important to remembe that the audience in the room should be able to read the banner. They are digitally printed on Knitted Polyester which has an attractive satin-like sheen finish. They can be finished with fringing and other regalia such as satin cords. Our Vexillologists can work from your artwork or partial artwork. Of course we send you a sample of the prospective banner before production. This is for your contribution to the design and ultimate approval. Of couse Pennant House can manufacture a tailor made banner stand if required.    

Anzac Day is one of Pennant House's busiest times each year and this is the season for " Marching Banners". We make them of flag fabrics and sometimes vinyl.

Ask about our telescopic marching poles.                    

  • Fabric Marching Banners


Light weight washable vibrant banners which can be used for all sporting/marching events 

Fibre Dyed Knitted Polyester finished to your specs or be guided by the knowledge from our friendly staff 

Fabric Banner

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