Pennant House offer you our Catalogue for easy shopping and viewing

Assorted Accessories - Table flag stands, Patches, Hand Wavers, Flag Bags, Holsters (Frogs)

Custom and Corporate flags made to order - Upload your artwork for a free quote and sizing

Festival Sail Flags - 3.8m high x 1 metre wide, upload your artwork for a free quote, Pennant House also offer the smaller width if needed

Quill Banners - Pennant House can offer two sizes of Quill Banners a 2.5metre and 3.5metre

Mammoth Flags - Image area of the flag/banner is a magnificent 4 metres x 1100mm

Sabre Flags - Pennant House can offer two sizes of Sabre Banners, 2.5 metre high Sabre and 3.5 Metre high Sabre

Cyclone Flags - These safety flags are kept in stock at Pennant House and are available in our shop online

Pennants - Sporting Pennants, Association Pennants, Burgee and Yachting Pennants

Novelty  - Gin Flags, Checked Flags, Boxing Kangaroo, Eureka Flag, Skull & Crossbones, Christmas Flag

Flag Poles - Patriot Flag Pole Kits or Flag Pole only both complete with halyard rope

Flag Stands - Indoor Jarrah Display, Single Jarrah Stand, Single Aluminium Stand

Flag & Stand Hire - Pennant house can offer an appealing rate if needing to hire more than one night or multiple Flags

Banner DisplaysPennant House have a great range of Indoor Banner Display's            

Vinyl Banners - The latest digital printing plant, computer graphic-gurus and high-frequency-radio-wave vinyl welding allow Pennant House to meet prompt deadlines on vinyl banners.

Lectern Banners - Beautiful fabric displays on knitted polyester with an attractive, satin-like sheen where our vibrant colours take on the material's shiny finish.

Marching Banners Direct Digital Textile Printing Fibre Dyeing will even print photographic images. Aircarft Carriers, Destroyers, Corvettes, Tanks and Planes come up well if the original photo is of quality.

Flag Repair Service  Return your flag to Pennant House for an inexpensive repair. Because Pennant House has an in-house sewing room repairs are rarely a problem.

Flag & Banner Storage When you store your flags they should be dry and in perfect condition ready to fly again when required

Promotions - Encourage your Schools Spirit and Pride - 2 for 1 Flag & Banner Offer, Vibrant School Flag & Strong Vinyl Banner


Pennant House stock the following which can be bought in separate units

  • Bunting - Material and Vinyl made to order 
  • Deli Flags - Excellent for shop front's
  • Garland - International Flags, Australian Flags, WA State Flags
  • Flags (stock) - Indigenous, Australian National Flag, West Australian State Flag, Red Ensign, all International Flags, Home Open, For Sale, Land sale,Signal Flags,Diver below Flags, State Flags  
  • Hardware - 3.5 Metre Quill Poles, 2.5 Metre Quill Poles, 3.5 Sabre Poles, 5 metre fold a pole (Festive Sail), Sister Clips, Wall Mounts, Deli pole & fixtures
  • Bases - Hard Surface Base, Ground Spike, Below Ground Mount

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