Festive Sail Flags (Bali Flags)

Tall, Colourful & Spectacular

Festive Sail FlagsIntroducing Pennant House's famous Festive Sail Flags. The perfect way to create a colourful and exciting look to any event. Instantly decorate an outdoor event and sell a powerful message with help from Pennant House and our Festive Sail Flags. At almost 4 metres tall and 1 metre wide they are the perfect size for your corporate message. See our Contact Information and Pennant House will happily arrange a quote or other information regarding these bright, colourful banners.

  • Field Days
  • Corporate Golf Days
  • Wine tasting shows
  • Festivals & Fetes
  • Motor Shows & Sporting Events
  • Surf Swims
  • Outdoor Exhibitions
  • Weddings
  • Fund Raisers
  • Agricultural Shows
  • Home & Land Auctions or House Open Days
  • Concerts
  • Great attention grabbers for retail stores

Festive Sail Flag Accessories

Five Metre Folda-Poles

The fabulous Folda-Pole. No other system makes the Festive Sail Flags move like the specially designed Folda-Pole. If nature's wind is the engine of the Festive Sail Flags--the Folda-Pole is the turbo charged backbone that is constantly in motion and in the strongest winds returns to the upright position. Then, when it's travelling-on time the five metre resilient pole breaks down to a small 1m long parcel weighing 1.25 kilos, so it's transportable anywhere!

Stainless Steel, Below Ground Pole Holder

If you want permanent placement for your Festive Sail Flags take up the option of a Below-Ground-Pole-Holder. We have designed a sturdy Stainless Steel Folda-Pole holder that remains in the ground. The Festive Sail Flag and Folda-Pole are supported perfectly and at night for security, simply slip the flag out of the sunken holder and back in next morning.

Above Ground Pole Holder

Above ground a more day-by-day way of supporting your Festive Sail Flags are the Above Ground Pole Holders. Simply tap these specially made galvanised stakes into the ground and slide your tall, colourful sentinel into the tube provided. Then easily remove at the end of the day.

Where do I come from???

Festive Sail Flags have their origins in sunny Bali where they decorate hotels, gardens and beaches all over the wonderful island. Pennant House artists remodeled the colourful sentinels to adapt and send a powerful commercial message yet still colour-your-world. With the constant motion and the long, brightly coloured tails they immediately capture attention.

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