Patriot Flag Poles

Patriot Flag Poles by Pennant HousePennant House flags can be teamed-up with our Patriot Flag Poles. A magnificent 6.5m white powder-coated aluminium flag pole, comes complete, ready to install. This is the perfect domestic flag-staff for the person who would like to self install without messy concrete mixing. " Just dig a hole and drop  in the pole". Or our team can install for you. The Patriot Flagpole is fine for commercial premises and has been installed at many schools. It is designed to take the average size flag ( 1800mm x 900mm)

A quality flag pole not only enhances the visual appeal of your product, it can also increase the life span of your flags. Our flag poles are designed with a specific purpose in mind, that is,to be affordable and to look elegant as well as provide a secure and low maintenance environment.

  • (A) Pre-Cast Concrete Flag Base (50 kilos )
  • (B) Aluminium Collar to cover security bolt and add shape to the pole
  • (C) Cleat & 5ml UV resistant plaited polyester Halyard Rope with sister clips
  • (D) 6.6m White Powder Coated Flag Pole with 2mm walls and 60mm radius.
  • (E) Mushroom shaped Finial with built in Pulley

Ask our friendly staff for more infomation on complex/larger flagpoles

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Inexpensive Marching Flag Pole

Telescopic 3 metre Marching Pole. Feather light, these poles are perfect for parades, demonstrations, festivals and other outdoor events. The poles start at a single metre and rise to two and three metre heights with a simple adjustment. The  poles fit into a flag sleeve for secure fitting.

Marching Flagpole Frogs ( holsters )

In the world of Vexillology the flag holster is referred to as a "Frog". Pennant House carries these in leather with an adjustable shoulder strap and buckle, they come in brown, strong Australian leather and will last a lifetime.

A less expensive version are also available. Australian made of strong polyester white or black webbing with childrens sizes available.  

Inexpensive Deli- Flag Poles 

Inexpensive, very visual advertising, right at the shopfront of your business are the Pennant House Deli Poles. They canDeli be on fabric ( washable polyester or vinyl ) . One of the big 
attractions of this medium is the versatility of the poles. Because the bracket that fits onto your doorframe or wall allows the poles to slot into three different positions. They can be upright, at a 45 degree angle or horizontal. The flags/banners present clients with an in-their-face selling message that can’t be ignored. When not in use the poles and banners simply slide out of the wall bracket. You can buy them in singles or thousands.  Upload your artwork today for a free quote


Spare Parts

Being a house of flags and banners Pennant House carries some spare parts for flagpoles. So if your Halyard ( Rope ) should break we can replace it with UV resistant braided polyester Halyard rope and sister-clips. But heed this advice to save money. If the Halyard on your flag staff is beginning to show signs of wear, buy the new halyard and with cotton and needle, sew the new to the old end to allow you to pull the old rope through the roller in the finial ( cap ) then add a new clip from Pennant House .

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