Flag Repair Service

Pennant House staff will always advise that on the first signs of wear on the fly-edge ( flapping end ) return your flag to Pennant House for an inexpensive repair. Because Pennant House has an in-house sewing room repairs are rarely a problem.

The fly-edge of a flag will always wear because that is the working end of the ensign. Of course, wear can be reduced by not flying your flag at night just from dawn-to-darkness. If you do fly the flag overnight then in the rules of protocol require to the flag be iluminated.

A repair is a bonus that will will extend your flag's longevity. ALWAYS FLY YOUR FLAG IN CLEAR-AIR, if the flag touches a tree or a roof it will wear swiftly so be prepared to prune or move the flagpole.

You can pop your flag into a postbag with instructions to repair and credit card details and we will post it back to you. Or alternatively, bring it into Pennant House. Postal Address; Pennant House, 12 to 14 Murchison Terrace, Perth, WA, 6000

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