Portable Flag Pole - The Mammoth Flag Display

The Mammoth Portable Flagpole

Mammoth FlagsThe aluminium monster flag pole is a genuine portable unit that when erected stands a full 6 metres tall. A water filled base ensures safety and supports a huge banner style flag that flies with the wind direction because of spinning fittings.

Image area of the flag/banner is a magnificent 4 metres x 1100mm, Fibre-Dye Textile Printed on Knitted Polyester fabric with an attractive satin-like finish. The flags are fully washable. These powerful units are perfect for field days, indoor and outdoor exhibitions. The flags work well inside an exhibition centre because they are supported by a banner pole at the top ensuring there is always a smart display. To maintain this portable unit, water filled, plastic, support tanks suggly fit the 6 metre pole and hold it firmly as the monster flag/banner sells your product. At the end of the show it all packs up quickly for easy transport and storage. 

Pennant House will work from your finished art on Vector PDF or alternatively our Graphic Gurus will create for you

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