Marching Banners

Pennant House staff take great pride on Anzac Day when proud men and women march with their unit's colours and battle-honours are displayed on washable fabric banners made in-house at Pennant House. If your unit's banner is showing wear then call our experts at Pennant House. We can remake the banner in light but strong knitted polyester. Moths and Silverfish don't have knitted polyester on their menu and the colourful textile dyes we use are washable. A quick press before Anzac Day brings the banner back to new. Our Direct Digital Textile Printing Fibre Dyeing will even print photographic images. Aircarft Carriers, Destroyers, Corvettes, Tanks and Planes come up well if the original photo is of quality. As our veterans get older, we make the banners of a tough-lightweight poylester to make banner carrying easier. Our experts in the sewing room will add wind holes embroidered around the flaps. Extra support ropes can be added to allow more veterans to hold and support the banner.

Ask Pennant House's experts for advice and a quote. Please come in to our showroom and fondle the fabrics, talk to our Graphic Experts about design and banner structure. We even make RSL Flags.

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