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Christmas Garland 

Are you celebrating Xmas-in-July? Pennant House has 'Merry Christmas' Garlands that Instandly Decorate a room these can be purchased in our shop online

Christmas Garland

Gin Flag - 1350 mm x 675mm 

Go with the old naval tradition of Gin Flags. Years ago when the fleet anchored one ship would hoist its Gin Flag. This was an invitation for the fleet officers to come aboard and enjoy cocktails in the Officers Wardroom. Most ships had their own Gin Flag design which usually featured a cocktail glass , beer or rum mug or some drinking utensil. Protocol demanded the Gin Flag be hoisted by sober hands and lowered by inebriated paws. Flags can be purchased on our shop online

Pennant House has two fun designs of Gin Flag  

Elephant Gin Flag   Pink Elephant Gin Flag  Quoka  The Rottnest Gin Flag

Checkered Flag 

Black and white with sleeves for pole. 1 metre x 1 metre the perfect motor racing flag - shop online 

 Checkered Flag     Checkered Flag Checkered Flag Checkered Flag Checkered Flag Checkered Flag Checkered Flag                                                                              

Boxing Kangaroo Boxing Kangeroo

Pennant House was the first to manufacture the 1800mm x 900mm Boxing Kangaroo flag commercially under agreement with Bond Sailing in1983.

Which is now licensed to the Australian Olympic Committee

Eureka Flag


This flag was the flag of rebellion, the flag that flew over the Eureka Stockade as miners rebelled against the taxes of the crown in 1855 in what was probably Australia’s largest industrial disagreement between the ruling classes and the working people. Of course this is the flag that many Australians view as being high-jacked by the modern Union Movement. In fact many proponents of a new Australian Flag lean toward this design of the stars of the Southern Cross linked in place by a white cross ( that could be a St. George’s Cross ) on a dark blue field. The original is said to have been made of silk and was torn down from the rebel’s flag-staff by a miner-cum-trooper named John King. The flag is also known as the King’s Flag because it was in possession of the King Family for many years. Visit our Shop Online

Skull and Crossbones Flag

 Pirate Flag

''Ahoy Matey"Always Popular at childrens parties or Cubby Houses - Visit our Shop Online

Port of Sydney Flag

Port of Syndey

Sydney-siders we have your ultimate boating flag. Port of Sydney flag designed for the Jack Mast ( forward staff ) of your launch at 600mm x 300mm which tells the world you are a Sydney- Sider. Australian Made in Knitted Polyester  This is a smart looking ensign dominated by the St. George’s Cross, red on a white field featuring a blue, three masted sailing ship in the upper-canton, with a golden anchor and white stars of the Southern Cross emblazoned within the red St. Georges Cross. This flag comes dressed with sister clips ready to fly. A perfect gift for a boating dad with everything. 


The Victory Roo

Victory Roo Flag

Pennant House was the first company to have the right to produce the Boxing Roo commercially in the world in 1983. But today the iconic sports flag rights have moved on and with that prices have moved upwards. In a quest for an affordable sporting flag with an Aussie flavour, Pennant House Vexillologists designed the “VICTORY ROO” an image of a hero that has challenged and won a great victory. Can be purchased in our Shop Online

Christmas Flags



The festive season is nigh! And at Pennant House Christmas Flags are curing in the ovens ready for fun and happy wishes. If your family has a flag pole, this is a perfect gift, full size flags in Red and Green backgrounds so welcome the festive highlights with a Christmas Flag. If you need a flagpole ask about our domestic Patriot Flag Pole kit.

Swan River Flag

Flag Flag

The incredible Swan River flag has many features unique to Western Australia. The Swan is named after the Black Swans that inhabit the broad expanse of water that runs from the Darling Ranges through the city of Perth to Fremantle port and the Indian Ocean. The wattle ( yellow ) and black are the state’s colours. Of course the Black Swan features with a reflection where the legendary Wagyl  (serpent ) which local Aborigines believe created the river and still resides in its depths appears in the neck. This flag can be flown on small craft and land. Contact us for more information

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