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Sporting Pennants

Another speciality of Pennant House are sporting pennants that come in a variety of sizes but almost always in the triangular pennant profile. They are used for many purposes. In many cases clubs give small, inexpensive, participation pennant to junior sports kids. You know, those children who don’t win a trophy and would normally go home empty-handed, instead they take home a participation-pennant proving they played sport that year and encouraging them to come back the following season.

Association Pennants

Large premiership and runners-up pennants designed for the clubroom wall. All types of sports flock to Pennant House for award pennants. 

Burgees and Yachting Pennants

There is a difference between a Burgee and a Pennant although they generally share the same shape. The Burgee is usually flown from the central mast of a yacht or motor boat to identify which yacht club the boat is a member of. They are a small flag and can be Pennant shaped, rectangular or square and are normally purchased from the yacht clubs who buy wholesale from Pennant House. On the other-hand, Pennants are of a more fragile fabric and are racing prizes. Awarded for Fastest, First, Second and Third and made for indoor use.

The Swan River Flag

This is a Pennant House design. Inspired by the mighty Murray River in the east which has two distinctive flags. Not dissimilar, New South Wales and South Australia each have Murray River Flags. The Swan River Flag features the state colours of black and yellow, at the hoist the Southern Cross constellation of white stars on black give the geographic location, then framing that panel is the white crescent blaze of the WA sunshine. The remainder of the pennant shaped flag is divided in two by a bright blue line representing the Swan River. The top panel is yellow with the Black Swan swimming. Below is a black panel with a yellow mirror-image of the Black Swan, in the neck of this reflection the legendary "Waugal", a mystical river creature that Aboriginals believe began the Swan River and remains there today.

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