Custom Made to Order Flags, Pennants, Banners and Garlands

Modern printing technology has transformed flag making.

Today's flag maker is as much a graphic artist as a craftsman and as such the sewing machine takes a back seat coming into play for hemming and sewing the hoist.

Pennant House flags have a triple row of stitching on the fly-edge (the hem furtherest from the pole) to reduce premature wear. In addition , Pennant House flags all come with ropes and clips which most other flag makers charge as extras.

Pennant House can achieve remarkable detail and even photographic reproduction on flags, pennants, banners and garlands, with colours dyed into the material giving a completely washable finish.

From point of sale, corporate and event branding, to sporting club branding, to school faction colours, and everything in between, the options are limitless.

Contact us today to find out more about custom made flags, pennants, banners and garlands.
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